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Curriculum Crossroads is Closing!

After much thought, it is with a heavy heart that we announce that Curriculum Crossroads will be closing.  Please know, this decision does not come lightly, but a couple of things factored into this decision.

1) After much research, we have found that the homeschool community has shifted so dramatically that there doesn’t appear to be a place for sites like Curriculum Crossroads in the market anymore.  Our research has shown that the face of homeschooling has completely changed and many new homeschoolers are trending toward online charter schools, online private schools, co-ops, or all-in-one, pre-printed, and pre-packaged curricula rather than piecing together classes and resources to create a customized program for their students like veteran homeschoolers have been/are doing. As the students of more veteran homeschoolers age out of school, there are fewer and fewer new homeschoolers willing to take their place.  We’ve seen this play out in the recent closings of homeschool sites like Educents, CurrClick, and HomeschoolReviews.com.

2) Unfortunately, keeping a website like Curriculum Crossroads running without the revenue to support it is simply not cost-effective.

Why now –  in the middle of summer?  We wanted to give you all as much time as we could to make other arrangements for the coming school year, so we didn’t push this decision and announcement out until the end of summer.

What’s the timetable?

June 18th – All listings have been pulled from the site.

You will have until July 7th to get your purchased downloadable items from the website.  The site will close for good July 13th.

If you were enrolled in a live class, you have been contacted directly and your enrollment fee has been returned to you and your student removed from the class page.  Your teacher may be continuing classes on their own or with another platform so be sure to contact them directly.

If you were enrolled in a self-paced class, you will be able to see out the rest of your subscription period.  Once your subscription period is up, you will be removed from the class page.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!