5 Reasons to Try Self-Paced Classes

 5 Reasons to Try Self-Paced Classes

Live, online classes have been commonplace in the homeschool community for the last several years.  You may have enrolled your students in one, many, or none at all.  As homeschool moms, it’s wonderful to have a resource at our fingertips that will allow our children to take a bit of ownership over the school work and be accountable to another teacher.  Let’s face it – there are just some subjects we don’t want, or don’t feel equipped, to teach.  It’s nice to know that subject is taken care of without a lot of effort on our part. Or, sometimes we just need a breather in our day.  There are as many different reasons to enroll in a live, online class as there are homeschool families.

However, have you ever considered enrolling in a self-paced class?  I know, I know, the name implies that once you enroll, you’re on your own.  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  Self-paced classes are the best parts of DIY homeschooling and live classes combined. Here are five reasons to give self-paced classes a try:

5 Reasons to Try Self-Paced Classes 1

100% Teacher-Supported

The phrase “self-paced class” tends to conjure up images of a lonely student sitting at a computer by themselves doing their course work – head in hand and looking quite bored.  Time to crumple up that image and toss it out!  “Self-paced classes” are just that – classes done at the student’s own pace.   At Curriculum Crossroads, we LOVE self-paced classes!  They are packed full of things to learn and activities to do.  They contain lessons, projects, assignments, quizzes, and tests like normal classes.  Many even contain video lessons like you would see in a live class if you were not able to attend the live session.  The best part is that they’re 100% teacher-supported.  This means if your student has a question or runs into a problem area, help is nearby.  Students can contact their teacher via email or the class page.  If the teacher cannot easily help the student over email, they have the ability to schedule a live tutoring session in an online classroom for more face-to-face help.

Stretch Your Homeschool Budget

Self-paced classes are a great way to stretch your homeschool budget.  Generally, they cost between 25% to 75% less than live classes.  Teachers are able to offer more classes at one time which gives your students more options to choose from.  Each class, however, still provides the same support and material to your student. 

Take Control of Your Homeschool Day

Self-paced classes are a great addition to any style homeschooling family.  They can be combined with printed homeschool curriculum and live classes to create a robust, well-rounded homeschool day for your students.  Rather than sitting in classes on the computer all day, your student can switch it up and work on assignments for a self-paced class – many of which are actually offline.

5 Reasons to Try Self-Paced Classes 2

Busy Family? No problem!

Homeschool families are busy! (Duh, right?) If you’ve ever enrolled in a live class only to realize you can’t make it to the live sessions and need to watch the recordings all semester, you know the frustration.  Congratulations!  You are just the type of homeschooling family self-paced classes were made for. Your students still get the same great material, rigorous learning, and teacher support of a live class, but it fits into your schedule instead of vice versa.

Your Class, Your Way

Self-paced classes are chameleons. It’s true!  Teachers have complete flexibility when it comes to self-paced classes.  Is your student gifted? The teacher can provide more resources to your student.  Is your student especially fascinated in a particular topic in the class?  The teacher can help your student follow their interest. Does your student struggle with learning challenges or other special needs?  Self-paced classes can be tailored to your student, too.  Our class platform allows teachers to deliver individualized content to students as they need it with a few mouse clicks. This gives your student the most individualized class experience possible.

These are just a few of the many reasons to try a self-paced class.  We have many different classes to choose from.  From short, one-lesson classes to year-long, high-school classes, there’s something for everyone.  We want to show you how awesome these classes are so we are offering you free previews of one science self-paced class and one history self-paced class, plus, now through January 30th, 2019, we are extending our refund policy for these classes to three days when you enroll!  This gives you lots of time to look through the class and see if it’s a fit for your family.


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