5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month 1

March is National Nutrition Month so why not celebrate it in a tasty way?! This yearly observance is led by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to help people learn how to eat healthy.

Here are some ways you can celebrate National Nutrition Month in your homeschool:

5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month 2

Have a Tasting Party

Visit your local grocery store, co-op, or farmer’s market and have a close look at what’s available.  Choose five to ten healthy foods that are new to your family. It’s easiest if you choose foods that can be eaten raw – like fruits and vegetables. When you get home, set up a tasting party with your new foods.  Put one or a few small tastes of each food on a plate and give one plate to each family member or student.  Encourage each member to try each of the new foods.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll find a new family favorite.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month 3

Field Trip to a Farmer’s Market or Farm

Organize a field trip to a local farm or farmer’s market.  Getting closer to how our food is produced is a great way open up your horizons which may lead to discovering new favorite foods.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month 4

Have a Blindfold Taste Challenge

Go to the store and get 5-10 different types of healthy food. Try to get some new or unique foods that are not well-known to your family.  When you get home, organize small bites of each food on plates.  Once each player has been blindfolded, bring the plates out and place one in front of each player.  One at a time, each player takes one bite of food, tastes it, and tries to identify it.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month 5


Start a Garden

Together as a family, plan out a garden.  Decide which fruits and vegetables can grow in your area and which ones you’d like to eat.  Plan the layout of your new garden and make a schedule of when to prepare the soil, when to plant, when to water, when to weed, and when your fruits and vegetables should be ready to harvest.

If you don’t have a yard or another area to grow a garden, you can also plant a container garden on a deck, patio, or balcony.  You can even plant a small container garden in a sunny window.

While you’re waiting for your garden to grown, think of dishes you’d like to make with what you are growing in your garden.

5 Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month 6

Have a Healthy Dish Showcase

Each member of the family creates their own healthy dish from scratch. Decide on a time when all members can prepare, cook and serve their meals.  Once the dishes are prepared and displayed, each member should tell a little bit about their creation.  Be sure to say why it’s healthy, but also tell what’s in the dish and what the inspiration was for that dish.  Then, all family members can sit down and enjoy all of the healthy dishes together.

These are some ideas to get you started in learning about healthy eating during National Nutrition Month and the rest of the year!

What are your tips or activities for celebrating healthy nutrition? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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