8 Ways to Celebrate International Creativity Month

Creativity is a powerful force.  It goes beyond being good at art, knowing how to knit, being able to dance beautifully, or play a lyrical piece of music.  Creativity is important in all areas of life yet, it is often overlooked, taken for granted, and, sadly, even downplayed.

What is Creativity?

8 Ways to Celebrate International Creativity Month 1

The definition of creativity doesn’t limit it to artistic or crafty ventures.  Creativity can be applied to just about any situation, issue, or problem. Celebrating creativity is a great way to increase awareness of its importance.  Enter International Creativity Month.

What is International Creativity Month?

Although we’re not really sure why, we do know that International Creativity Month was created by Randall Munson. While people like graphic designers, musicians, and dancers use creativity everyday, others may struggle with creativity.  It’s hard to argue with the idea that everyone could benefit by exercising their creative muscles more often.

Celebrating International Creativity Month

There are many different ways to exercise your creativity so there are many different ways to celebrate International Creativity Month.  Here are eight of our favorite ways to celebrate your creativity:

Write Something

Writing is one of the easiest ways to be creative.  All you need is your brain, a pencil, and a notebook.  Not sure what to write?  Thoughts pop in and out of our heads all day long – write those down.  Maybe a story has been brewing inside you and it’s time to let it out onto paper. If you’re stuck for something to write about, check out these writing prompts for January.

Visit an Art Museum or Gallery

Even if you’re not artistic, you can still feed your creativity by appreciating great art. There are many art museums or galleries around, but even if you don’t live in an area with a lot of art, you can still experience great art through virtual tours on the internet.  Here are a few sites where you can see great art:

Parent Note: Please preview these sites to ensure they fit with your family’s beliefs and values. Art runs a spectrum of themes and images.  Some of these images and themes may not be suitable for all students.

Make Gifts for Family or Friends

Making a gift for a family member or friend not only requires time and supplies, but also some thought.  Handmade gifts are full of creativity and special meaning. Are you going to make the gift in the person’s favorite color?  Do they have a need for a particular type of gift?  Is there a particular theme you want for your gift, maybe the person receiving your gift has a favorite flower that you want to work into your gift.

Here are a few ideas to get you started, but make this your own.  Build those creative muscles!


Write a Poem

Writing poetry can be intensely creative!  Many poets use poetry to explore and express their feelings about all kinds of different things.  Whether they rhyme or are free form, poems are a great way to use imagery and symbolism to express your thoughts or feelings.

As Robert Frost says, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

These resources can help you get started on writing your own poem:

Invent Something

As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” An invention is a new creation that solves a problem or satisfies a necessity. Nothing exercises creative thinking like a problem that is in need of solving. What problem in your life needs solving?

Try a New Recipe

Cooking can bring out the creativity in anyone plus it’s fun and delicious!  Get in the kitchen and let your creative juices flow with some of these fun recipe ideas.  Better yet, put your creativity to work and invent a new recipe that is all your own!

Learn to Play a New Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument isn’t just fun, it’s a brain booster!  There are many well-documented benefits of playing an instrument.

  • Increases memory
  • Builds and refines time management and organizational skills
  • Teaches patience and persistence
  • Helps build coordination
  • Increase mathematical skills
  • Builds reading and comprehension skills
  • Increases cultural knowledge
  • Creates a sense of accomplishment
  • Helps with self-expression and stress

Check out this video to see what’s going on in the brain of a person playing an instrument.

Work on a Brain Teaser

Research says that brain teasers, puzzles, and riddles all require creative thinking to solve.  These thinking skills are a classic example of “practice makes perfect”.  The more puzzles you solve, the better you become at it. This is because focused thinking stretches your brain and forces it to create new connections. Not sure where to start?  Check out these puzzles to work that brain!

These are just eight ways to stretch your creativity and celebrate International Creativity Month.  How did you celebrate?  Leave a comment to tell us all about it.

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