Customer Support

Welcome to our Customer Support Knowledgebase!  We have compiled the answers to the most asked questions and information most needed by our customers.  If you have a question that isn’t addressed here or need more information than provided in this section, please contact us using the form below or send an email to our Customer Support team.

Our Promise to You

Thank you for visiting Curriculum Crossroads!  We very much appreciate your business!  We are committed to offering the highest-quality educational materials and classes and providing each customer with the very best experience possible.  As such, our commitment to you includes:

  • A respectful, kind, and welcoming environment for everyone regardless of their background or beliefs.
  • We welcome feedback from customers, parents, students, teachers, publishers, and vendors and we will constantly strive to make Curriculum Crossroads better for everyone.
  • We will exercise kindness and respect in enforcing our policies so that customers, parents, and students feel safe and listened to.
  • We will provide a prompt response to all questions, comments, and inquiries.

If you feel, at any time, that we have not fulfilled our promise, please contact our Customer Support team.