Our Teachers

Stephanie Prahl (Mrs. P)
4 Little Penguins

Our Teachers 1My name is Stephanie Prahl. I teach from a neutral point of view. I have taught a wide range of subjects in public and private settings for over 27 years. I have been involved in the homeschool community since before my oldest was born. I have four children, who have been homeschooled all the way, two of which have graduated and are pursuing higher education.  I am a fan of interactive learning and enjoy approaching topics in a variety of ways. I have BS in Psychology with a Criminal Justice Major and graduated Magna Cum Laude with an MEd with an emphasis on curriculum development. In addition to teaching I spent several years working as a Veterinary Technician. My biggest interests (other than the family) are history, different people around the world and animals. I enjoy discovering unique information and stories and sharing that with others. There are so many cool things to discover in the world, I enjoy learning new things every day and sharing knowledge with others.


Roni Bergerson
Eastern Wind Academy

Eastern Wind Academy

Roni has been a homeschooling mom for 15 years and has a passion for education.  Roni has spent many years working with homeschool parents and students and loves to share her passion for homeschooling and technology with other homeschooling families. She is a lifelong learner and strongly believes that everyone should learn something new every day and share what they learn with others.



Debbie Mackin
HIS Creation Science

HIS Creation ScienceMy name is Debbie Mackin with HIS Creation Science. I received my BS in Medical Technology degree from the University of Tampa and my clinical certification from Duke University Medical Center, Department of Allied Health. After working in clinical labs for almost 12 years, I left to be a full time at home mom at the birth of my oldest. I have 2 children and homeschooled them through graduation (my youngest graduated in 2017). I have a passion to help kids see our Awesome Creator through the study of science! By  studying the creation around us, we can better know our Creator!


Kathy Roberson
New Horizons Courses

Our Teachers 2Mrs. Roberson is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and is a fully Licensed Teacher. With over 20 years of classroom teaching experience as well as a 15-year veteran online Teacher, she is also holds certifications to teach grades Kindergarten through grade Twelve in any subject area. She is very pleased to offer classes with Curriculum Crossroads!

As her educational background includes certification as an Art Specialist, many of Mrs. Roberson’s courses are within the humanities. She is also interested in Technology and offers several Computer Related Courses, too. Check out all of her courses and offerings in a variety of formats here on the site.


Roni Bergerson
Outside the Brick

Our Teachers 3Outside the Brick is a small, family company dedicated to helping kids think outside the brick by being a resource for learning with LEGO bricks and within Minecraft. We product downloadable resources, kits, online classes, and building challenges.


Ginny Lennon (Mrs. L)
Stylistic Scribe

Our Teachers 4Mrs. L. is a mother of four home-schooled children (two have graduated) and is a certified Institute for Excellence in Writing instructor.  Mrs. L. has taught IEW in both traditional and online classes for over fifteen years and enjoys watching the students improve in their writing skills.  As a retired Navy family, Mrs. L. and her family homeschool on the East Coast after twenty years of learning around the world.  In her free time, Mrs. L. enjoys crocheting, exercising, cooking, reading, and RVing.


Jan May
The Creative Writer’s Classroom

Our Teachers 5Jan May is a home education veteran and has over fifteen years of creative writing instruction experience. She enjoys igniting creativity and believes that given the right tools and encouragement, any student can write and love it! Jan believes in the group dynamic and promotes an interactive learning experience.

Jan has a college background in Biblical Studies, Psychology and Education from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature.

She is the author and publisher of New Millennium Girl Books: Christian mid-grade novels for girls and interactive creative writing curriculum for boys and girls that hook even the most reluctant writers! Jan is a freelance writer contributing to The Old Schoolhouse, Thriving Family and Clubhouse Jr. Magazines.

As a pastor’s wife, Jan enjoys inspiring faith in women, teens and children, encouraging them to dream big with a faithful God. She resides in the Chicago area with her husband where she loves to garden, write and play with her loveable lab, Hunter.

“I’m excited to work with Curriculum Crossroads because it connects students from many walks of life in a learning experience. We can brainstorm together and glean from each other’s literary skills in a fun environment.”