‘Tune Thy Musicke To Thy Hart’ A Poetry Unit Study for Valentine’s Day


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This Valentine’s Day, cultivate your love of the English language and the time-honoured art of beautiful handwriting with this beautiful poetry unit study!

We live in a society that allows us to be bombarded with ‘perfect’ images many times a day. Here is an opportunity to take a step back in time, become more attuned to the beauty of the ever-changing English language and to relish your own unique, perfectly ‘imperfect’ creativity.

Here you will learn a bit about the history of English and the surprising variety that has existed in spelling and word choice through the centuries. Further assignments will cultivate a bit of love for your own handwriting by practising longhand or block letters, or by learning the uncial alphabet and trying a bit of calligraphy! Colouring and crafts instructions for making your own Valentine’s Day cards and decorations (with suggested musical accompaniment) will allow you to cultivate a love of beautiful artistic achievements.


  • two files, one for younger students (age 8-10) and one for older students (age 11-13)
  • Thomas Campion’s poem ‘Tune Thy Musicke To Thy Hart’ in various formats
  • a brief History of English Spelling (separate texts for each age group)
  • vocabulary lists and a closer look at the word ‘affect’ (younger students only)
  • reading comprehension questions (older students only)
  • handwriting and calligraphy practise
  • colouring pages and Valentine’s Day card cut-outs (to be coloured in and written on by the student)
  • instructions and answer key

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Poem on which the unit study is based:

Tune thy Musicke to thy hart,
Sing thy joy with thanks, and so thy sorrow :
Though Devotion needes not Art,
Sometimes of the poore the rich may borrow.

Strive not yet for curious wayes :
Concord pleaseth more, the lesse ’tis strained ;
Zeale affects not outward prayse,
Only strives to show a love unfeigned.

Love can wondrous things affect,
Sweetest Sacrifice, all wrath appeasing ;
Love the Highest doth respect ;
Love alone to Him is ever pleasing.

By Thomas Campion (1567- 1620)

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