Fortunately For You (A Series of Unfortunate Events) Unit Study


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Engaging the child’s whole mind by using the notebook, discussion, experience, and investigative approach, learn along with the Baudelaire children and their Series of Unfortunate Events.

A unit study based on the first three books of A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. This unit study uses the distinct approaches and learning style developed by Fortunately For You Books.

Believing life’s lessons can be learned through literature, we give you a wonderful unit study with over 100 pages of worksheets. Every chapter is filled with a variety of choices for learning that day. Pick some subjects from every option available. Whether using this book in a full unit study approach, or as a guide with your child in literature, your options are adaptable to meet every child’s needs on a daily basis. End of chapter questions and chapter by chapter vocabulary definitions are provided.

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