Advanced French Reading and Writing: Childéric I, Roi Des Francs (Livre Premier)


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Strengthen and practice your French reading and writing skills with this title: Childéric I, Roi Des Francs.

The story of the beloved Merovingian king Childéric I (440-481) was preserved by the druidic Bards of old France and is here retold in a flowing, pleasant style by Madame de Beaufort d’Hautpoul (1763-1837), a renowned woman of letters who was at the heart of Parisian literary society during the reign of Louis XVI. For educational purposes, this description of Childéric’s early years has been divided into two-page segments that are easy to read. Advanced French students are sure to enjoy this poetic and quick-paced historical tale. The language has been updated, though the original, distinctive style remains intact. Simple grammar review, translation, ‘résumé de texte’ and creative writing assignments follow each section alternately.


Childéric is the young and intrepid son of King Merovée and his beloved wife, Aboflède, around the year 430CE. Childéric lives happily with his loving parents and is beginning his education with druids, when he is tempted to join his father’s army in a battle against Attila the Hun. Despite being guarded by his king’s most valiant friend, Viomade, Childéric goes missing amidst the turmoil of the conflict. The faithful Viomade wishes to know what the boy’s fate truly was, and goes off with the king’s blessing in search of the young prince. Despite treachery by Draguta, a fellow follower of the king, Viomade finally finds Childéric, who has been cared for in the wilderness by an elderly Hun named Gelimer. Gelimer had lost his family and status, and was inspired to renounce his life as a warrior in order to devote his final years to raising the young boy he found on a battlefield. The old blind man loves Childéric devotedly and does not know that he is heir to a throne. After Gelimer’s death, Childéric returns to France with Viomade where a traitor is about to be crowned king. It was presumed, due to their lengthy absence, that Childéric and Viomade had been lost forever. Just in time, the young prince is reunited with his father and fulfills the hopes of all Francs as the rightful heir to the throne.

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