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Thanks for checking out April Study Starters!

This packet contains 30 study starters geared toward high schoolers or advanced middle schoolers for studying peoples, places, and events in April.  In this packet you will find thirty different cards, each dated for a day in April, with a short introduction of the day and questions to help guide the student’s study.

Students should research the questions of their choice, your assigned questions, or all of the questions and keep notes of their studies in a separate notebook, on a computer, or on a separate sheet of paper.  Students should then organize the information in their notes and write an informational summary of what they learned during their studies for the day. The cards can be used as an online reference tool to help students in their studies or it can be printed out, the cards can be cut apart, and each card can be stapled to the student’s notes and writing for the day. A checklist is provided below for students to keep track of the cards they’ve completed.

These study starters cover a variety of subject areas and can be incorporated into any curriculum or unit study, but they also be stand alone study starters for a change of pace or if the student needs guidance in directing their own learning.

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