Essay Writing: Beginning and Concluding Paragraphs


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Practice and polish your skills in the tricky art of beginning and concluding paragraphs!

One of the trickiest parts of writing a good essay is composing a beginning and concluding paragraph that are not too similar – but that do communicate more or less the same thing. Here is an opportunity to practise just this skill.

This eBook contains 15 paragraphs and 3 main essay bodies about different subjects. They can be used in any order. Each paragraph and essay has its own page, with blank spaces for the student’s work.

The Paragraphs

Each of the 15 paragraphs could either begin or conclude an essay. The student’s tasks are:

  • to write a second paragraph for each one that is similar but not identical
  • to label the original paragraph and their own paragraph indicating which one would be better to begin an essay, and which to conclude one
  • to identify and write down, concisely and clearly, the topic of the imaginary essay that the paragraph(s) would begin and conclude
  • to identify and write down the subjects of the three middle paragraphs of the imaginary essay, based on what has been written in the beginning and concluding paragraphs

The paragraphs’ topics are as follows: skiing in the wilderness, Scotland, Gautama Buddha, William Shakespeare, Ancient Rome, French fashion, beavers, chocolate, toilets, human writing, water, rock climbing, essay writing, tomato sauce, believable scientific concepts from Star Trek.

The Essays

The 3 essay ‘bodies’ may be used as follows. The student should:

  • identify the main topic of the essay
  • identify the main topic of each individual paragraph within the essay
  • write both a beginning and concluding paragraph for each essay

The essay topics are saltcats, and exercise.

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