‘Building Iron Bridges’ Essay Writing


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Practice summarizing skills while reading about building iron bridges.  Great for future engineers, 19th century history buffs, or Steampunk fans!

Summarize! The student will read a text about iron bridge building. Their essay will be a summary of one aspect of iron bridge building described in the text. The student will read the text, choose a topic (one of eight that are suggested), reread the text and take notes, and prepare a five-paragraph essay on their chosen topic. Detailed instructions are included.


Iron Bridges And Their Construction

Edward Rowland describes the process of building iron bridges at the end of the 19th century. First he writes about bridge construction in general, referring to important accomplishments in that field from earlier times. He then describes in detail how iron is prepared when it will be used for bridge-building. He ends with a brief description of how an iron bridge is assembled.

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