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Welcome to the Cybersafety for Kids and Teens Self-Paced Class! Kids today are growing up in a different world than previous generations.  In many ways, the Internet has changed things for the better, but it has also created some issues.  Having the world at one’s fingertips has advantages and disadvantages.  Devices that access the Internet are extremely easy to come by and cost-effective making them extremely popular among people of many ages.  Social media  has revolutionized how we interact and communicate with family, friends, and even people we don’t know.  Anyone, anywhere under the cover of anonymity provided by the Internet can express themselves on just about any topic.  These incredible capabilities also come with responsibilities.  The topic of Cybersafety has come to the forefront of the news headlines in recent years.  It is more important than ever before that kids and teens learn how to protect themselves, their information, and their accounts. This free class aims to equip kids and teens with the basic skills they need to be safe and kind to others while online. While it’s tempting to shelter our children from as much negativity as possible, the truth is that this is the world they are growing up in.  Let’s walk beside our children and help them understand the basics of keeping themselves safe online while learning how to interact with others in positive and kind ways.  The staff at Curriculum Crossroads feels strongly that these skills are critical for every young person to know if they are going to enter the world prepared – that’s why this class is being offered free to all students.

Topics covered in this class include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyberbullying – What it is, how to recognize it, what to do about it
  • Securing online accounts
  • Protecting personal information while online
  • Strong passwords and two-factor authentication
  • Knowing what to post and what not to post while online
  • How to recognize scams and other bad situations online

Pre-requisites for Class: None
Supplies Needed for this Class: None
Textbook/Workbooks Needed for this Class: None

This self-paced class is the equivalent to a four-session live class.  It is 100% teacher-supported and all class resources will be delivered via a class page online though not all assignments are online.  Assignments, quizzes, and tests completed and turned in on the class page will be returned with a grade and feedback. At the end of the course, student will receive a final grade.  Students can contact the teacher with any questions or challenges, as well as interact with classmates via the class page.

This class is taught from a non-faith based worldview.  

This is a free class that is not subject to our Withdrawal and Refund Policy for self-paced classes.

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