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Improve your handwriting by practising daily.  This 90 day guide will help you through handwriting practise.

Four sets of pages indicate which letters or letter combinations are to be practised each day (instructions and samples included). For each day, four different words are also listed – these are to be used (one each) in individual sentences composed by the student.

This type of daily practise strengthens the student’s hand, reinforces the memorization of how letters are formed both alone and when joined with one another, and provides an opportunity to practise basic sentence-writing with the simple guideline of a prescribed word.

Also included:

– a blank page of dotted lines for practise (print as many as you need)

– tips

– samples of individual upper and lower case letters, and of letter combinations (how they join together in cursive script)

Note: These exercises are suitable for students who already know how to write cursive letters. They are not suited to a rank beginner, who will find them too tiring.

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