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IMPORTANT:  This listing is a FREE preview only.  When you enroll in this free preview class, you can see what the class page looks like, the informational documents for the class, and the first three lessons of assignments and resources.

This class is the 3rd class in a series of 4 world history classes. This class follows our Medieval Times Self-Paced Class.

Welcome to the Early Modern History Self-Paced Class! Take a fascinating journey to the 1600s-through the 1850s.  We’ll learn about events that are still affecting our world today. In this class, we will use The Story of the World, Volume 3 textbook and activity book to study events from the Elizabeth I through the California Gold Rush. In addition to these resources, we will also use a history encyclopedia to complete various assignments such as, projects, timeline dates, chapter thought questions, outlines, essays, historical biographies, and map work.  Topics covered in this class span the reign of Elizabeth I through the California Gold Rush and include, but are not limited to:

  • Lewis & Clark
  • The Alamo
  • The American Revolution
  • The French Revolution
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • North American Colonies
  • Peter the Great & Catherine the Great
  • Captain Cook
  • The American Constitution

Pre-requisites for Class: None (Completion of Ancient Civilizations and Medieval Times is recommended, but not required)

Supplies Needed for this Class: (All Supplies Optional – See syllabus after enrollment for more information.) 

  • 3-ring binder (at least 2”, but can go bigger)
  • 5-tabs labeled “Maps”, “Timeline”, “Outlines”, “Essays”, and “Projects”. You may also choose to have an additional tab labeled “Class Information” for your easy reference.
  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • 5 colored pens or pencils in red, blue, green, orange and black (markers not recommended as they bleed through paper)
  • Other assorted supplies as noted on project descriptions. Please read ahead to see supplies needed so you can have them ready to go when they’re needed.

Textbook/Workbooks Needed for this Class:

This self-paced class is the equivalent to a full-year class.  There is no need to enroll in a second semester. It is 100% teacher-supported and all class resources will be delivered via an class page online though not all assignments are online.  There are many offline assignments for students to complete. Assignments, quizzes, and tests completed and turned in on the class page will be returned with a grade and feedback. At the end of the course, student will receive a final grade.  Students can contact the teacher with any questions or challenges, as well as interact with classmates via class forum boards.This class is licensed to be used with one student only.  Special co-op packages are available.  Please email Customer Support for more information.

This class is taught from a non-faith based worldview.  

This class is subject to our Withdrawal and Refund Policy for self-paced classes.

Questions? Contact our Customer Support team.


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Late Elementary, Middle School

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Self-Paced Class

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