IEW High School Advanced Writing Live Class (Fall 2018)


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Fast Facts
  • Class Format: Live
  • Class Starts: August 29, 2018
  • Sessions: 11
  • Meets On: Wednesdays
  • Class Time: 10:00am Central Time
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Ages: High School
  • Teacher: Mrs. Ginny Lennon

**This class offers a discount for enrolling more than one student from the same family.  Please use this listing to enroll your first student, but please use this listing to enroll subsequent students in the same family.**

Welcome to IEW High School Advanced Writing Live ClassUsing American history, this Level C course refines the structure and style taught in previous levels and focuses on more advanced essay writing.  Classic novels are incorporated into this course’s lessons, and students will be expected to follow the reading schedule to keep pace with the class and to earn a credit in both Literature and English.


 All IEW units are covered in this course.  In addition, the models of structure focus will include the following:

  •  Poetry (small amount)
  • Summaries of References
  • Narrative Stories and Personal Narrative Essays
  • Research Papers in MLA Format
  • Argumentative and Persuasive Essays
  • Response to Literature and Literary Analysis Essays
  • Descriptive Essays

Elements of style taught in this course include the following:

  • All of IEW’s dress-ups and sentence openers
  • Literary devices: alliteration, 3sss, similes, metaphors, dramatic openers and closers, personification, consonance, assonance, triple extensions, irony, anaphora, and juxtaposition.
Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Focus of this writing class will be the award-winning Institute for Excellence in Writing’s methodology of writing with structure and style, focusing on not plagiarizing while outlining and creating organized and well-written paragraphs.

Who Should Take This Course?

This is an IEW Level C course, which means that students should have had at least 2 years’ experience with the IEW method of outlining and writing at Levels A and B.   This course is geared towards high school students and will relax the style checklist to focus on the advance style of writing for college preparation.

High school students who have not had IEW experience but are interested in attending this class are encouraged to participate  since a review of the IEW foundation will be incorporated throughout the course.

What is included?

Cost includes weekly lessons on the IEW units, vocabulary/grammar lessons & quizzes, and editing of papers if submitted to instructor by requested due date.   Each student receives personalized feedback on written work.   It is not required that students submit writing assignments, but it is highly encouraged.  Vocabulary quizzes are also included to bolster the students’ vocabulary base.

This Fall class is Semester 1 only.  Winter/Spring is a separate semester (Semester 2) and will complete the entire course. Each semester is worth ½ credit if writing criteria is met per teacher instructions.

This class begins on August 29, 2018, and runs weekly on Wednesday at 10:00am  Central Time through November 14, 2018. There will be no class on October 10th.

Learn more about this IEW by watching this 6-minute video .

Pre-requisites for Class: Students should have at least 2 years of IEW experience and be in high school.
Supplies Needed for this Class: 

  • 3-Ring Binders (two):  minimum size of 1 ½ inches
  • At least 40 clear page protectors
  • dictionary & thesaurus (digital is ok)
  • pens, pencils (variety of colors), highlighters
  • Sticky Notes (especially if student is not permitted to write in a book)
  • Computer & word processing program for typing assignments

Textbook/Workbooks Needed for this Class: 

  • Participating students will need to purchase a student textbook from IEW’s website:  Advanced U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons .
  • The Student Resource Notebook is a necessary component of this course. This supplemental resource is included with your purchase as an e-book for you to download and print, or you may purchase it printed and spiral bound from IEW’s website.
  • Novels:   Students will read, annotate, and write literary analysis essays about the following novels:
    • The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
    • Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
      -(4 other novels will be included in the second semester)
      -These may be obtained from the library.  However, specific editions of some books are required for unity of students during class lessons, and these editions will be provided upon purchase of class.


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