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Read timeless stories from India and practice summarizing skills and descriptive writing.  Great for fans of Bollywood and Indian history.

Summarise and Describe! Here are three texts by an Englishman describing his travels in India in the late 19th century. Following detailed guidelines, the student will read the texts, choose an essay topic from several suggested, take notes, organise those notes, and write an essay. This assignment will take at least one week to complete.


Part One – India: Places of Interest

The author and narrator, an Englishman travelling in India with his invaluable guide and trusted friend, Bhima Gandharva, describes their visits to a handful of beautiful monuments and places including the Taj Mahal and an indigo-factory. The description includes some local folklore and the reactions of the narrator to the beauty around him and to the people he encounters.

Part Two – India: A Rural Tiger Hunt

The narrator joins a local effort to rid a village of a deadly nuisance: a tiger. He offers the reader a view of an actual tiger hunt, by a group of both foreign and local men, and the peculiarities and details of an event that is now known as a somewhat iconic historic challenge. (Note that hunting tigers in India is now illegal, and tigers are currently protected as an endangered species.)

Part Three – India: Moving Forward

Here the reader is witness to the narrator’s encounter with a Calcutta local, a member of a group of young people who want to eliminate old traditions they feel are cruel and in the way of India’s progress. He speaks about a topic that remains important in India today: how ancient customs and new influences intermingle in that wildly diverse and culturally vibrant country.

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