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Grab your kids and learn with the seasons! This packet contains 31 pages of writing prompts geared toward writing in the month of January.  In this packet you will find:

  • 31 different writing prompts with space to write a response on the same sheet of paper
  • An extra sheet of paper coordinated with each prompt in case your student has more to say than will fit on one sheet of paper.

This packet is geared toward late elementary and middle school students. These prompts are meant to get students thinking and writing those thoughts down.  Students who struggle to think of things to write about will be guided into writing.  Each prompt has a coordinating page so if students need more room to write, it’s as simple as printing off extra sheets.

These prompts are great as a part of any language arts time or as a warm up for the day’s work. These pages can be kept in a folder or a 3-ring binder and added to a student’s portfolio.

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