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What are the fundamental qualities that students of Chinese martial arts are expected to cultivate? Patience, Discipline, Courage, Confidence & Compassion! Practice with Kung Fu Panda!

Like the points on a circle, there is no ‘first’ or ‘last’, no ‘more important’ or ‘less important’ when it comes to these powerful human qualities. They are all equally special and can be cultivated simultaneously, every day.

Take a hint from Kung Fu Panda (which is of course based on thousands of years of experience and wisdom accumulated by Chinese martial artists and health experts) and develop these admirable and constructive qualities in your daily life!


– 2 versions of a ‘self-awareness’ sheet, which may be printed multiple times and filled in, to note how you have shown or will show all five of the qualities in your daily life
– 5 ‘self-awareness’ sheets focusing on one quality only
-‘summarise and explain’ sheets for each of the Furious Five characters, to fill in with your own summary of events in the animated film shorts ‘Secrets of the Furious Five’
– labels for each quality which may be cut out and glued to a separate page or notebook, if you would rather make your notes elsewhere (or to use as you see fit)
– a full-page poster for each quality, to serve as a friendly reminder

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