Laura Ingalls Wilder Literature Study (Fall 2019 – Sibling Add-On)


Fast Facts
  • Class Format: Live
  • Class Starts: September 11, 2019
  • Sessions: 8
  • Meets On: Wednesdays
  • Class Time: 2:30 p.m. Central Time
  • Class Length: 45 minutes
  • Ages: Late Elementary, Middle School
  • Teacher: Mrs. Ginny Lennon

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Welcome to Laura Ingalls Wilder Literature Study (Fall 2019) Live Class

**This is a Sibling Add-On listing.  This listing can be used to add a sibling to a class in addition to a previously enrolled student.  If you are enrolling your first student or only one student, please use this listing.**

Reading one book per month, students will prepare to discuss the major literary elements and vocabulary of each book by focusing on a few chapters each week of the first two books of the series.  Ideas for unit study will be provided to appreciate all the historical learning available through reading this series.

Materials Needed:

  • Week 1 Introduction to Laura Ingalls Wilder,  Literary Devices, Plot Timeline
  • Week 2 Class Discussion:  Setting/Characters & Assigned Reading of LHBW
  • Week 3 Class Discussion:  Class Discussion of Assigned Reading of LHBW
  • Week 4 Final Discussion of LHBW & introduction to FB
  • Week 5 Class Discussion:  Setting/Characters & Class Discussion of Assigned Reading of FB
  • Week 6 Class Discussion:  Class Discussion of Assigned Reading of FB
  • Week 7 Class Discussion:  Class Discussion of Assigned Reading of FB
  • Week 8 Class Discussion:  Class Discussion of Assigned Reading of FB

This class is subject to our Withdrawal and Refund Policy.

Live and Hybrid Class Withdrawal/Refund Policy 
(Applies only to classes of more than 4 sessions/weeks.)

  • Withdrawal before 2nd session: Full refund of class fee
  • Withdrawal after 2nd session, but before 3rd session: Refund of 2/3rds class fee
  • Withdrawal after 3rd session, but before 4th session: Refund of 1/3rd class fee
  • Withdrawal after 4th session: No refund*

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About Mrs. Ginny Lennon

Mrs. L. is a mother of four home-schooled children (two have graduated) and is a certified Institute for Excellence in Writing instructor.  Mrs. L. has taught IEW in both traditional and online classes for over fifteen years and enjoys watching the students improve in their writing skills.  As a retired Navy family, Mrs. L. and her family homeschool on the East Coast after twenty years of learning around the world.  In her free time, Mrs. L. enjoys crocheting, exercising, cooking, reading, and RVing.

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Age Group

Late Elementary, Middle School

Class Format

Live Class

Class Length

Short-Session Class

Class Start Date

Enrollment Type

Sibling Add-On

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Online Class


Stylistic Scribe


History, Language Arts, Literature, Reading, Social Studies




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