Methinks I’ll Read Macbeth


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Art thou ready to read Shakespeare? But of course! Here you will finde assignments, definitions, explanations, and other sundry ‘stuff’ which will make reading ‘Macbeth’ a zephyr – that is, a breeze!

This approach focuses on seeing the big picture, with only the most interesting of extra information included for thine own interest. Read the words of the beloved Bard aloud! Write some of your own! Explore the themes of ‘time’ and ‘opposites’. . . learn about tragedy, witches in Shakespeare’s time, and a bit of Scottish history. . . examine the text one more time, looking for details ‘divine and rare’ . . . memorize a few lines . . . and hark! It is done!

Included here are the following: seven separate sections each containing assignments and information; a detailed summary of Acts and Scenes, a Brief Biography of Shakespeare and his wife; and more! This book also includes a bonus section about Shakespeare’s witches.

This text is well-suited to homeschoolers who do not anticipate putting on the play, or doing other activities that involve collaboration with numerous other people. It is especially aimed at students who are not that familiar with Shakespeare’s plays, and who will benefit from a light-hearted but meaningful approach to reading them.

The sections and assignments are as follows:

Hark! Methinks I’ll Read the Play (Read the play aloud and learn about the origins of ‘Macbeth’, and about superstitions surrounding the play and the witches.)

Hark! What Do I Understand? (Copy out a few speeches. Make a few lists. Translate short sections into modern-day English. Learn more about the many layers of meaning within ‘Macbeth’.)

Hark! Methinks I Hear A Voice! (Memorize and perform one of several speeches from the play. Learn more about the relationship between thoughts, words and action in ‘Macbeth, and the difference between a castle and a palace.)

Hark Methinks I’ll Look Again (Underline selected features within the play. Learn more about tragedy, ‘horror’, and what they may have eaten at the banquet.)

Hark! Methinks I’ll Write Mine Own (Choose between a 5 paragraph essay about ‘opposites’ or a report on the topic of ‘time’ within the play. Detailed guidelines are given. Write a short speech from the point of view of a main character of your choice. Learn more about how actors ‘interpret’ a role, and examine one small speech in detail.)

Hark! Methinks I’ll Draw Awhile! (Contemplate the possible outward appeareance of characters within the play. Learn more about Scottish clothing for men and women in the 11th century – no kilts yet!)

Stay, Good Friend – There’s More! (A Brief Biography of Shakespeare and his Wife; A Detailed Summary of Acts and Scenes, a List of Characters indicating their relationships to one another; Bonus: More About the Witches)

Parents should be cautioned that the play contains elements of ‘horror’ that may not be suitable for students younger than 12.

Note: The play is included with this purchase, in its own file, or you may use your own copy.

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