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Verbs, verbs, and more French verbs!  Let Noisette the Cat guide you through all these French verbs!

For early level French students, here is a solid introduction to thirteen much-used French verbs. Part One teaches the student to use Aller, Lire, Dire, Faire, Suivre and Écrire. Part Two teaches Savoir, Connaître, Voir, Finir, Terminer, Courir and Dormir.

Noisette the cat narrates a simple text and workbook which is divided into short sections. Each section has a corresponding ‘Practise Sheet’ to reinforce and review the material (23 in total). Upon completion of this book, the student will have a thorough knowledge of the verbs mentioned above (in the present tense), as well as other general information about French verbs. A full answer key and vocabulary list are also included.

General topics include:
– Brief review of the material in ‘Introduction to French Verbs’ (use of common technical terms such as first person plural, infinitive, root etc.)
– How to identify, conjugate and use verbs that belong to the second and third groups
– Regular and irregular verbs, and their endings
– French verbs that have similar meanings (Finir/Terminer and Savoir/Connaître)
– Simple sentences
– Brief introduction to present participles

This book is the logical next step after completing ‘Introduction to French Verbs with Noisette the Cat’.

Bonus! Now included are notebooking pages featuring cat silhouettes – useful for vocabulary lists, written assignments, etc.

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