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Late Elementary – Middle School
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Mrs.P /4 Little Penguins

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Welcome to Mysterious Places: Easter Island Self-Paced Class!

**$4.00 for a 4-month subscription to the class page**

Looking into your neighbor’s yard you see a giant head statue looking back. Scratching your head you remember vaguely about hearing of giant head statues on a holiday island…what was it? Eureka! Easter Island! Suddenly interested in finding out more you sign up for this self-paced class. This class uncovers the discovery, founding, and naming of Easter Island (Seems like a strange name for an island right?). Those “big head” statues that are associated with the island are called Moai and those are discussed in detail, materials in creating them, possible meanings, details about them that are not as well known, how they were moved, how many are there, and more. This class isn’t all about the statues, the history of the people that live there, the Orongo site and Birdman are also covered in this class. Take this class and you can tell that neighbor or anyone else who wants to know, all about Easter Island!

ALL Mysterious Places classes are taught from a neutral point of view and are family friendly!

This class covers:

  • Discovery of Easter Island
  • Founding of Easter Island
  • Moai Statues in detail
  • Petroglyphs
  • History of the island
  • Rano Raraku
  • Orongo and the Birdman

Other Items covered in this class:

  • Links to Easter Island related projects
  • Specific named Moai

In this Self-Paced Class you will find:

  • A Welcome Note with suggested learning pace and outline of the class
  • Easter Island Ebook (39 pgs)
  • Easter Island Slide Show ( 57 slides)
  • 4 Videos that support the learning of Easter Island in MP4 format.
  • Project Idea Links
  • Link to understanding Rapa Nui Language better
  • A Printable Map to use with the class
  • Test with the Test Key separate
  • Certificate of Completion

This class is a self-paced, subscription class.  Upon enrollment, you will gain immediate access to the class page and all class materials.  Your subscription to the class page runs for 120 days (about 4 months) during which time you can access the materials as much as you want.  Once your subscription time has ended, you will no longer have access to the class page, however, you can purchase another subscription any time you want and as many times as you want. It is 100% teacher-supported and all class resources will be delivered via a class page online though not all assignments are online.

Pre-requisites for Class: None
Supplies Needed for this Class:  A map, a test, and a certificate of completion are provided, you will need a printer to print them.
Textbook/Workbooks Needed for this Class: None, all books are provided.

It should be noted that when discussing dates in history both known forms of historical “dating” are used, due to the prevalence of both forms in books and on the internet. Curious as to how I use both dating systems interchangeably? Here is an example that you may find: The Song Dynasty began in 960 AD/CE. To prevent bias, I switch the order around, so you may also see: a date reference like this: 375 BCE/BC.

Due to the length and nature of this class, it is not subject to our Withdrawal and Refund Policy for self-paced classes.

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About Mrs. Prahl

My name is Stephanie Prahl. I teach from a neutral point of view. I have taught a wide range of subjects in public and private settings for over 27 years. I have been involved in the homeschool community since before my oldest was born. I have four children, who have been homeschooled all the way, two of which have graduated and are pursuing higher education.  I am a fan of interactive learning and enjoy approaching topics in a variety of ways. I have BS in Psychology with a Criminal Justice Major and graduated Magna Cum Laude with an MEd with an emphasis on curriculum development. In addition to teaching I spent several years working as a Veterinary Technician. My biggest interests (other than the family) are history, different people around the world and animals. I enjoy discovering unique information and stories and sharing that with others. There are so many cool things to discover in the world, I enjoy learning new things every day and sharing knowledge with others.

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Late Elementary, Middle School

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Self-Paced Class

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Geography, History, Social Studies




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