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Attention wilderness survival fans!  Practice defending your opinion through writing with this Narrow Escapes essay writing practice.

Defend An Opinion! Read two accounts of real-life narrow escapes in the wilderness, by historic ‘backwoodsmen’ of Canada. Then follow the guidelines and write an essay on one of several suggested topics. Your task is to defend an opinion, in essay format. Detailed instructions are included. This assignment will take at least one week to complete.


The Vagrants of the Barren

A solitary woodsman must face the wilderness alone in midwinter after his shack burns to the ground. He is knowledgeable and experienced, but he is aware that his chances of survival under such circumstances are slim. He must find food and shelter quickly. A sudden storm makes his situation all the more difficult. In the end, a chance encounter with a herd of caribou allows him to survive and to reach safety.

The Grip In Deep Hole

Alone in the woods that he has known and loved since childhood, a woodsman approaches a rushing stream only to feel the bank give way underneath his feet. He plunges into the water – and his foot becomes tangled in an underwater ‘trap’ of slimy roots. Repeated attempts to free himself amount to nothing. A bear arrives, and as it swims past, the woodsman cleverly – and amazingly – finds a way to use the bear’s strength to escape a tragic end.

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