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Appreciate the beauty of Persian carpets with this colouring book!

Colouring has gained much-deserved attention of late as a calming and satisfying activity for people of all ages. This compilation of interesting old carpet and rug designs is intended for use by teens and adults, but is also great for kids of all ages to develop and refine fine motor skills. These rugs were beautifully and carefully crafted by people – not computers. There is a certain symmetry to the patterns, however there is also a certain irregularity to them as a result of their hand-crafted origin, which should hold even greater appeal to the ‘right brain’ than perfect lines and circles would.

The colourer can approach each image as a sort of artifact in need of refurbishment. Perhaps there is a border or line here or there that could benefit from being traced in black or dark gray? Perhaps a repeating pattern fades out at some point and would need to be filled in by the artist? In a sense, you are sprucing up these elegant old designs and making them fresh and bright once again.

So go ahead and choose a design that catches your eye! Enjoy hours of pleasant and delicate colouring and ‘tweaking’. Relish both the relaxing process and the beautiful, satisfying result!

Contents: 50 rugs/carpets images in black and white format, and general colouring suggestions and tips

What are the advantages of a ‘print on demand’ colouring book? You need only print the images that interest you (saves paper!) and you may print the same image more than once (colour the same image in a different way a second time, or make a fresh start if your hot chocolate spattered on the first one!). Print the images on whatever type of paper you prefer (thin? thick? watercolour?) and colour without the awkwardness of a book binding that bends the page. Store your colouring pages in your favourite folder, or hang them up to enjoy them once they’re completed!

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