Presidents of the United States Trading Cards


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This title created at the request of a parent and marks the first in a new line of trading cards from Eastern Wind Academy!  These cards were modeled after baseball cards, but contain information about presidents of the United States.  These double-sided cards contain tons of information about all of our 45 presidents!  On  the front of the card there is a picture of the president along with his name.  The pictures used are authentic White House commissioned portraits of the presidents.  At the top, there is a banner to help easily identify the set the card belongs to.  On the back of the card are several “stats” about all the presidents including the signature of each one.  These are fun cards to use to teach your child about the presidents, for review or just to learn a little more about the leaders of our country yourself.

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Eastern Wind Academy


Civics, History, Social Studies

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Early Elementary, Late Elementary, Middle School



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