Reading Comprehension: Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea


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Go on an undersea adventure with Mrs. Pickerell and practice your reading comprehension skills.

This charming story (first published in 1953) is one of several by the same author featuring Miss Pickerell, a delightful ‘Mary Poppins’ type character who is ever so slightly eccentric (she lives alone on a farm with her favourite pet cow, and particularly enjoys collecting rocks). Miss Pickerell is curious, sensible and spunky, and eager to share what she learns with her numerous nieces and nephews. The scientific information within the story is accurate, making this an enjoyable introduction to scientific concepts for young readers.

This eBook is divided into seventeen chapters. Following each chapter are:

– five questions beginning with either ‘why’ or ‘how’ that may either be answered in written form, or answered orally with a teacher’s participation (or a combination of the two – for example, the teacher might assign the first two questions to be answered in written form, and the remaining three to be answered orally). The questions generally require longish answers, as they have been formulated with the express intent of encouraging scientific thinking; rather than stating what happened, the student will be asked to explain why or how it happened by referring to the story (no extra research is required).

– a list of six vocabulary words. The teacher may decide how these will be used. More advanced students may benefit from learning to spell the words and doing a short spelling test. It may also be useful to write out a short definition of each word (in a separate notebook). Less advanced students may simply copy them into a notebook, and/or learn what they mean. The student is also asked to note what the six words have in common. (Suggested answers are found on the final page.)

– a space in which to write out any new words the student encounters that they are not familiar with.

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