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Thanks for checking out our Season Sorting Mats and Cards! These mats are a great introduction and /or reinforcement activity for any unit study or lesson on the seasons of the year.  This package comes with mats for all four seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall/autumn, and winter. **

Note: there is one mat for fall and a separate mat for autumn.  The name of this season will differ by state or country. 

These are available in color or in black and white.  Also included is a set of 40 picture cards.  Students will sort these picture by deciding which items belong in each season.  There are 10 picture cards for each season.  Picture cards are also available in color or black and white. Also included are 8 blank cards so you can make your own picture cards.  You can use these blank cards to add holiday or cultural items to your Season Sorting Mats.

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