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Launch into outer space and practice skills in comparing and contrasting.  Great for future astronauts, sci-fi and futuristic literature fans.

Compare and Contrast! The student will read two short stories about space travel, written in the 1950’s (included). A list of relevant themes for a ‘compare and contrast’ essay is included. The student will choose three themes that they feel are interesting, and write an essay in which they briefly address how those themes are important to each story. Detailed guidelines are given. This assignment will take at least one week to complete.


. . . So They Baked A Cake

A bitter, hardened journalist joins an elite space crew for an experimental voyage into deep space, a daring mission to find a planet that humans could colonize. They are travelling at one tenth the speed of light but the journey will still take 42 years one way in Earth time. The protagonist’s pessimism about humanity, and the crew’s growing despair due to the implications of the ultra-fast travel, are both confounded by an unexpectedly happy conclusion to their journey.

The Lonely Ones

A space crew is on an exploratory mission to find life on another planet – human or alien, they don’t care which. Discouraged by the lifeless landscapes of the planets in the solar system, they finally reach a new planet and land. Faced with an advanced society in which they will be treated as insignificant underlings, they decide to continue their journey further into space, though in a changed frame of mind.

Note: The stories contain mild expletives, such as ‘what the hell’, and include mature themes such as references to drinking alcohol.

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