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Read two true stories about survival and rescue then polish your writing skills with this no-prep title!

Essay Writing – Compare and contrast! Here are two true stories of survival and rescue. With detailed guidelines suggesting how to proceed, the student will read the texts, choose an essay topic from several suggested, take notes, organise those notes, and write an essay. This assignment will take at least one week to complete.


Tracks In The Bush

An Australian ranch-worker goes missing, and three Europeans, along with six blacks, trek through the bush to rescue him. The tracking abilities of the blacks consistently astonish the narrator. He also describes the intense natural surroundings and the challenges, on a human level, that are faced by all involved.

The Marvellous Ice-Drift of Captain Tyson

This early attempt to reach the North Pole failed. The voyage nonetheless left its mark on history when the captain and crew were forced to abandon ship and live on an ice floe for 196 days in the middle of the Arctic winter. German sailors, an American cook, and a group of Inuit faced deadly conditions together. Under the leadership of Captain George E. Tyson, not one person perished.

Note: To the best of my understanding the use of the word ‘black’ to refer to the indigenous peoples of Australia is preferable to them to the word ‘Aborigine’. Thus, the original term has been left unaltered in the text. If I am mistaken and have caused offense, please let me know!

TIP! This may be a good choice for a student with an interest in outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping or rock-climbing.

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