Swashbuckling Pirates Self-Paced Class


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Class Format: Self-Paced
Ages: Fifth-Ninth grade
Teacher: Mrs.P /4 Little Penguins
Cost:$65.00 for an 8-month subscription to the class page

Swashbuckling Pirates – Self-Paced Class! The smell of gunpowder fills the air as a cannonball explodes towards the galleon across the way. Both your ship and your enemy have hoisted pirate flags. Fingers tighten their grips on the hilts of cutlasses as the pirates all prepare for the boarding that is about to occur. Your friend swings from the rigging in a call to action. Are you ready? Do you know enough about being a pirate? This class will lead your students on a path of discovery of the history of pirates. From the first robbers of the sea to the ocean bandits we have today, the full history of pirates is covered. Have you ever wondered about privateers? Corsairs? Barbary pirates? This class has you covered. Learn the lingo from the Golden Age of pirates and strap in me hearties! We’ve got an adventure ‘cross the 7 seas ta be attending to!

This class is taught from a neutral point of view and is family friendly!

This class covers:
Different kinds of pirates
Locations of pirates throughout history
Types of pirate boats
Famous flags of the Golden Age
Navigation techniques
Pirate vocabulary
Daily life of a pirate (twernt all swag haulin’)
Defenses from Modern Pirates
Famous pirates through the ages.
Pirate Projects for ye landlubbers

Other Items covered in this class:
Ships throughout the ages
Pirate Jobs
Religious Piratry
Recovery of Sunk Pirate Ships
Many History tidbits tied in with Pirate history

  • In this Self-Paced Class you will find:
     24-page Introductory document that includes an outline and suggested pacing.
     93-page Swashbuckling Pirate ebook broken into easy to manage chapters
     33-page Ships ebook
     Tales of Davy Jones
     Chapter Review Slides for each chapter with at least 30 slides per chapter.
     Quiz/test review for each section and a cumulative test for the end of the course.
     Answers to all tests are included for easy parent grading
     Life of a Pirate self-guided games for each chapter
     A sixteen-flag flash card style document
     A pirate lingo flash card style document
     7 Video’s that support the learning of pirates available in MP4 format.
     Project ideas
     A “check-in” question and answer for the book Pirate Diary of Jake Carpenter by Richard Platt (this book is not required but is a fun fictional account of pirate life)
     Access to a forum board where you can interact with other students and the teacher.
     Printable Maps to use with the class
     Certificate of Completion

This class is a self-paced, subscription class. Upon enrollment, you will gain immediate access to the class page and all class materials. Your subscription to the class page runs for 8 months during which time you can access the materials as many times as needed and have full access to the class forum board. Once your subscription time has ended, you will no longer have access to the class page, however, you can purchase another subscription any time you want and as many times as you want. It is 100% teacher-supported and all class resources will be delivered via a class page online though not all assignments are online. Students can contact the teacher with any questions or challenges, as well as interact with classmates via class forum boards. This class was designed to be student friendly and student driven.

Pre-requisites for Class: None

Supplies Needed for this Class:
-Access to a printer to print up maps
-Colored pencils for marking maps
-A folder or small binder to keep maps and other papers in
-Materials needed for projects will need to be determined after you choose which, if any, projects you’ll be doing
Maps, a test and a certificate of completion are provided, you will need a printer to print them if desired and colored pencils for marking maps should you choose to do so, as well as a folder or small binder to keep them in.

Textbook/Workbooks Needed for this Class: None, all books are provided.

This class is subject to our Withdrawal and Refund Policy for self-paced classes.
Questions? Contact our Customer Support team at customersupport@curriculumcrossroads.com.

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Late Elementary, Middle School

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Self-Paced Class

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