Zoology: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day Live Class (Fall 2018)


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Fast Facts
  • Class Format: Live
  • Class Starts: August 27, 2018
  • Sessions: 13
  • Meets On: Mondays
  • Class Time: 10:30am Central Time
  • Class Length: 60 minutes
  • Ages: Early Elementary, Late Elementary
  • Teacher: Mrs. Debbie Mackin

*This class has started, but there’s still time to enroll.  The first class recording can be viewed on the class page once your enrollment is complete.*

Welcome to Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day Live Class! Using the Apologia text, Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day, we will explore the fascinating creatures from Day 5 of creation which live in our rivers, streams, and oceans.  Whether it’s the large Blue whale or microscopic plankton, we have a lot of creatures to discover!  Students will have plenty of activities each week in class and at home to help them learn more about these amazing creatures. Students have the option of submitting weekly reports to share in class as well as making an ‘ocean box’ at home.

Scope and Sequence: In this class, we will:

  • Study various aquatic animals such as whales, fish, sharks, crustaceans, microscopic plankton and even some primeval reptiles.
  • Study the ocean in the first lesson and define what makes an aquatic animal
  • Learn about each of these animals lives and how they interact with each other
  • Show how unique each of these creatures is in God’s creation

Class time will consist of teaching/reviewing the lesson and reviewing the “What Do You Remember” questions. Students may answer these questions in the form of a quiz online but they should also be prepared to review them at the start of the next class. As many of the ‘Try This!” activities and experiments as possible will also be demonstrated through several will need to be done at home. Students can choose any sea creature to report on the week we discuss that group of animals.

This class begins on August 28, 2018 and runs weekly on Monday at 10:30am Central Time through November 26, 2018. There will be no class on November 19th for Fall Break.

This class will be taught from a biblical, creationist point of view.

Pre-requisites for Class: None
Supplies Needed for this Class: Supply list provided upon enrollment.
Textbook/Workbooks Needed for this Class:

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