Reading Comprehension: Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of Silver Blaze


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Who better to show the usefulness of a well-asked question – and the importance of a clear and concise answer – than Sherlock Holmes? Join him in The Adventure of Silver Blaze!

Join Holmes and Watson as they take to the fresh air of Devonshire in search of a horse thief – and likely murderer! When the prized racehorse known as Silver Blaze disappears only days before a race, Holmes presumes that the mystery will solve itself. After all, who could hide a horse for long? The murder of its trainer, however, requires serious attention. This story is suitable for young readers who are ready for a classic murder mystery! (There is a small amount of ‘gory’ detail.)

• The full, original tale of ‘The Adventure of Silver Blaze’, divided into ten short sections

• Following each section:
– Five questions to be answered separately in a student’s notebook
– Vocabulary, in alphabetical order, with definitions or synonyms (making the word comprehensible in the story’s context), from the chapter just read
– A ‘looking up close’ page, exploring one main theme of the section just read, such as Dartmoor, horseshoes, 19th century farms, walking sticks, etc. (with pictures)

• Read one section of the book at a time. Use the vocabulary list to help with understanding the story (and practise looking things up in alphabetical order). Answer the questions in a separate notebook. Read the ‘looking up close’ page for fun. Enjoy a good, old-fashioned, Sherlock Holmes mystery!

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