Think About History: The Dawn of Canadian History


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About This Book

‘The Dawn of Canadian History’ by Stephen Leacock was published in 1915. This short book accurately represents the scholarship and attitudes of the time. It contains informative and interesting information, and also some outdated generalizations, which makes it an excellent choice for learning about historical facts, and about how history is ‘told’.

The book is not too long, and is written in a pleasant, easily-understood style. The pre-Jacques Cartier era in Canada is described clearly in general terms, and a reader who has thoughtfully read the text from cover to cover will have a good picture of the setting which served as the backdrop to events following 1524.


Six chapters, each followed by:

  • 15 basic reading comprehension questions (to reinforce the facts)
  • Suggested research topic (to inspire critical thinking and curiosity)

Food for Thought – a collection of excerpts from the main text, each accompanied by a short explanation of relevant themes and ideas about how history is told, etc. Following the explanation there are questions that require the student to think critically about what they just read and about history in general.

A blank map of Canada, which can be used to make a visual representation of what was learned in the book.

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