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Humans have stood in awe of the moon since the beginning of time.  Now, practice and polish your literature and composition skills with this title.

Here are six pieces of writing about ‘The Moon’, and six different writing assignments to go with them! Topics include: an ancient Japanese fairy tale (monogatari), scientific speculation regarding how the Moon formed, a renowned old epic poem about a knight who loses his wits (which are later found on the Moon), Chinese poetry about gazing at the Moon, science fiction about creatures on the Moon, and an ancient Greek dialogue about what the Earth and its human inhabitants might look like from the Moon. Writing assignments vary – from rewriting a small portion of a story, to summarizing information, to writing a dialogue in the style of ‘rhetoric’, to describing being led about by an inhabitant of the Moon. A photograph of the Moon, taken through a telescope, is included (both in colour and in black and white) to be used as decoration on the student’s notebook.

Literature & Composition collections are suitable for students who are ready to read and study different types of literature in small quantities. For example, instead of an entire novel or scholarly work, a small sample of each (which can stand on its own) will be presented. This way, the intermediate student has an opportunity to stretch their reading abilities without being discouraged. Each book contains six different writing samples that share a common theme. The writing assignments vary in length and are intended to inspire the student to try writing in different forms and styles.

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