Think About History: ‘About Wood: The Talking Trees’


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The Talking Trees puts life in the forest into a whole new perspective – the trees’ perspective! 

**Bonus! Now also includes the complete poem ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’ (the official updated version), with copywork pages and original decorative borders from the 1868 edition)!

Here is the complete text of ‘The Talking Trees’ by James Lawler. It is divided into seven chapters and a short introduction. Following each of these are three reading comprehension questions and six vocabulary words. Also included is a page of suggested topics for ‘thinking about history’. These may be used by the teacher for discussion purposes, research or in any other way to ‘expand’ the lesson. Also included is a map of Canada.

About The Book

This simple, old-fashioned text will introduce young students to the types of trees that are used for human materials – buildings, books, etc. The story is told from the trees’ point-of-view, and puts an emphasis on describing where the trees grew, how they were felled and transported, and the dangers of forest fire. The text avoids any particularly tragic elements, bringing attention primarily to how trees are used by humans to our benefit, and giving an appreciation of the fact that trees are a living part of nature. It also offers a peek at historical Canada through the eyes of forest trees.


Read one section at a time. Answer the three reading comprehension questions in a separate notebook. The six vocabulary words may be used as follows: the student may simply copy them into the blank spaces to reinforce tidy writing and accurate spelling habits; or, they may memorise how to spell the words, cover the words with a notebook or book, write the words in the blank spaces (dictated by a teacher or parent), then uncover the original list and correct their own work by comparing what they have written with the list. The suggested ‘thinking about history’ topics can be addressed after the other assignments have been completed.

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