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There’s never enough of it, but there is time to practice your composition skills with six selected pieces of literature about time.

Here are six pieces of writing about Time, and six different writing assignments to go with them! Themes include: time travel, a clock that is never right, how humans tell the time, how animals might see the passage of time, and philosophical thoughts about time. Writing assignments vary – from descriptive writing (imagining just having returned from a voyage through time), to inventing a small story (in which a clock that tells the wrong time plays a role), from writing a conversation to summarising someone else’s thoughts. An image of a clock is included to be used as decoration on the student’s notebook.

Literature & Composition collections are suitable for students who are ready to read and study different types of literature in small quantities. For example, instead of an entire novel or scholarly work, a small sample of each (which can stand on its own) will be presented. This way, the intermediate student has an opportunity to stretch their reading abilities without being discouraged. Each book contains six different writing samples that share a common theme. The writing assignments vary in length and are intended to inspire the student to try writing in different forms and styles.

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