‘Volcanoes: Mount Vesuvius’ Essay Writing


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Practice your summarizing and describing skills while exploring volcanoes and Mount Vesuvius!  Great for fans of ancient Roman history or geology!

Summarize and Describe! Here are three first-hand descriptions of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, from ancient to modern times. With detailed guidelines suggesting how to proceed, the student will read the texts, choose an essay topic from several suggested, take notes, organise those notes, and write an essay. This assignment will take at least one week to complete.


Letters of Pliny

Pliny was born in 62 CE. He witnessed an eruption of the famous Mount Vesuvius, which he describes here in two detailed letters to a friend.

Buried Cities: Pompeii, Olympia, Mycena, by Jennie Hall

Written in 1922 by a History and English teacher, this text describes Mount Vesuvius first-hand according to various different sources, from ancient times to the early twentieth century.

Mount Vesuvius, by Edwin J. Houston

Written in 1907 by a professor, this text offers interesting information both about Mount Vesuvius’ eruptions and the cities and people affected by them.

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