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Practice essay writing skills while reflecting on the beauty of wild apples in autumn!

Read and Reflect!

This assignment will take at least one week to complete. The student will read a thoughtful and informative piece of writing by Henry David Thoreau on the subject of ‘Wild Apples’, in which various themes are addressed, including history, myth, literature, philosophy and first-hand observations and reflections by the author. Several topics for essays are suggested. The student will treat the Thoreau text as a source for research purposes, and write an essay to show that they have familiarized themselves with the contents of the source, and have also thought about the contents.

About The Text

Thoreau is known for his unique and pensive style of writing. He spent considerable time in the wilderness and shared his reflections about nature and its relationship to mankind in his works. Here Thoreau ponders upon a marvelous fruit that has been important to humans since ancient times. He organises his musings according to the following themes: the History of the Apple Tree; the Wild Apple; the Crab-Apple; How the Wild Apple Grows; The Fruit and its Flavour; Their Beauty; the Naming of Them; the Last Gleaning; the ‘Frozen-Thawed’ Apple.

TIP! Younger students often delve into season-related schoolwork in autumn – here is a text that will allow older students to do the same, and perhaps encourage appreciation of our natural surroundings, a gift at any age!

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