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Appreciate the beauty of woodland foliage with this colouring book!

Colouring has gained much-deserved attention of late as a calming and satisfying activity for people of all ages. Here is a unique collection of atmospheric woodland scenes. Some images feature an entire landscape, others only individual plants. They are not ‘standard’ colouring fare, as they feature softer lines, intricate detail and many areas of differing shade. It is just these features that will entice anyone who loves the softer side of nature! Whether you are colouring a bush of leaves in different levels of light and shadow, or a stream meandering beside flowering plants, or an old tree covered with a vine, you can relax while contemplating a gentle, dream-like image. The final effect may be comparable to a coloured-in black and white photograph from the turn of the century.

Contents: 50 old-fashioned drawings of woodland foliage (entire scenes and individual plants) in black and white format on individual pages, suggestions and tips for colouring

What are the advantages of a ‘print on demand’ colouring book? You need only print the images that interest you (saves paper!) and you may print the same image more than once (colour the same image in a different way a second time, or avoid disappointment if your hot chocolate spattered on the first one!). Print the images on whatever type of paper you prefer (thin? thick?) and colour without the awkwardness of a book binding that bends the page. Store your colouring pages however you want, and hang them up to enjoy once they’re completed!

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