Questions About Classes

What is your policy on class attendance and assignments?

We do not require students to attend live sessions nor do we require notification of teachers if a student is going to be absent from the live session.  It’s always a nice gesture to give your teacher a “heads up”, but it’s not required.  All of our live sessions are recorded and posted to the class page so you can watch them at a later date within the semester the class is delivered in.

We also do not require students to complete all assignments in a class in order to get a grade for that class.  We prefer to partner with our students’ families and since each homeschool family is different, their needs will be different.  Students should communicate with the parents about what and how many assignments they are expected to complete.  For some families, this is all assignments given by the teacher.  Other families may pick and choose what they want their student to complete.  Students will receive a grade based on work that is turned in.  As with anything, you get out what you put in.  One of the greatest things about homeschooling is having the ability to direct your student’s education and this is just one way we support you and your student.

Are you live classes recorded?

Absolutely!  All live sessions of our classes are recorded and available on the class page within 24 hours of the end of the session.  These recordings are available to watch at your convenience until the class page is archived eight weeks after the end of the semester.

How are class resources delivered?

All of our classes use a class page to deliver their resources.  Students gain access to this class page shortly after enrollment and should log in frequently to access their class work and to turn in assignments.  Links to the live classes and their recordings will also be found here so be sure to check the class page before each class or if you are looking for a recording of a class.

How long will the content associated with each class be available?

The class pages and content of live and hybrid classes at Curriculum Crossroads are guaranteed to be available during the semester they are given and for 8 weeks after the class ends. Beyond this time, the availability of content in these classes is no longer guaranteed to be available and these classes can be archived at any time. Live and hybrid classes are meant to be attended in the semester they are purchased rather than purchased and saved for later use. Our classes with family pricing only applies to classes taken in the semester they are given. Multiple students from one family can take this class during the semester it is given for one class fee.

The class pages and content for self-paced classes are available to students for the length of the subscription period purchased upon enrollment in the class.  If a class has a 4-month subscription period, the student will have access to the class page and its contents for the entire 4-month period. Extensions to the subscription period can be purchased for a small fee if the student needs more time to complete their work, but we highly recommend that students keep on track with their schoolwork to ensure they finish within the subscription period.