Refund Policy

As all of our titles are in electronic format and delivered via the internet, titles cannot be returned in the way physical products can.  Once a purchase is downloaded, it is impossible for us to determine what happens to it.  It is for this reason that purchases on Curriculum Crossroads are nonrefundable except in a few, specific circumstances.  Each situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by our Customer Support team.

  • Damaged File – If the file for the title is missing or damaged and the issue is not fixed in a timely manner (24 hours), the customer will be entitled to a full refund.
  • Inaccurate Description – If the title is not accurately described on the listing, the customer would be entitled to a full refund.  This also applies to titles that have certain technical requirements, yet are not accurately described on the product listing. (Final determination as to the accuracy of the product listing will be made by our Customer Support team.)
  • Duplicate Purchases – If a customer purchased a product twice, they would be entitled to a full refund for the duplicate purchase.
  • Undownloaded File – A customer purchased a title, but has not downloaded it. (Final determination as to the accuracy of the product listing will be made by our Customer Support team.

If your purchase falls into one of these categories, please contact our Customer Support team.  Please remember to list the name of the title you purchased, order number, and why you are requesting a refund.  As always, any details or examples you can provide would help our team.

Terms and Conditions for Class Enrollments

By enrolling in a class at Curriculum Crossroads, the customer understands the creation of a partnership between Curriculum Crossroads and themselves.

Curriculum Crossroads agrees to:

  • Provide timely support in assisting the customer and their student(s) in their enrollment in their class(es).
  • Provide timely answers to customer questions and requests for assistance.

Class Withdrawal/Refund Policy

We offer our customers a flexible and generous withdrawal/refund policy.  Please understand, an enrollment in a class does constitute an agreement with a teacher who relies on royalties from their classes to support their family.  When a teacher sees enrollments at a certain level only to see them change dramatically due to several withdrawls, this can dramatically impact their ability to continue teaching in a variable and unpredictable market. This, in turn, can reduce the quality and variety of classes available to homeschoolers all over the world.  Therefore, we ask that once an enrollment in a class is purchased, every effort be made to honor that commitment to the teacher.

We understand that there are a variety of reasons why a class may not be a fit for a particular student and  we strive to make each customer feel listened to and satisfied so we are willing to consider refunds on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact our Customer Support team to inquire about the withdrawal process.  The Customer Support team does retains the authority to make the final decision on all withdrawal and refund requests. If the class included downloadable materials, you must return them and agree to delete them from your device. If approved, your refund will be processed within five business days.

Live and Hybrid Class Withdrawal/Refund Policy
(Applies only to classes of more than 4 sessions/weeks.)

  • Withdrawal before 2nd session: Full refund of class fee
  • Withdrawal after 2nd session, but before 3rd session: Refund of 2/3rds class fee
  • Withdrawal after 3rd session, but before 4th session: Refund of 1/3rd class fee
  • Withdrawal after 4th session: No refund*

Refunds Related to Technical Difficulties: Refunds requests due to technical difficulties will only be granted in situations where our sites were not working properly.  By enrolling in an online class, customers accept a degree of responsibility in ensuring their technical equipment is set up properly and capable of utilizing the online class resources (the class page and virtual classroom).  In cases where a customer’s equipment is not set up properly to utilize class resources, limited technical support may be provided at the discretion of the Curriculum Crossroads Customer Support Team.  However, due to the variety of computer setups and the distance between customers and our Customer Support Team, issues that are not resolved by basic and common troubleshooting solutions should be examined by a qualified computer technician. In situations regarding technical issues, the customer should contact Curriculum Crossroads for assistance immediately upon realizing there are technical issues. Curriculum Crossroads Customer Support will respond within 24 hours with  troubleshooting the issue or a solution, if it is a known and/or common issue.  Customers should be prepared to work directly with Customer Support and provide timely responses to emails.  Refund requests for customers citing technical difficulties, yet made no attempt to contact Curriculum Crossroads for assistance or customers who did not respond to Customer Support emails in a timely manner will not be approved.


Refunds Related to Customer Failure to Complete Enrollment: Curriculum Crossroads makes every attempt possible to communicate with customers upon completing their enrollment after purchase and sends out several emails with valuable information.  We cannot, however, control whether or not customers read this information and follow the instructions provided.  Customers who request a refund after the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th session, but have not completed their enrollment as per communications from Curriculum Crossroads, will be subject to our refund policy as outlined above.  A customer’s failure to complete enrollment does not qualify as a “technical difficulty”.

*Other Uncommon Refund Situations:

  • Refunds for customers requesting after the 4th session claiming they never attended will not be processed.  Enrollment in a class at Curriculum Crossroads assumes the parent, guardian, or student, themselves, accept responsibility for ensuring the student attends class, does the class work required (as determined by the family), and takes the requisite steps to catch up if live sessions could not be attended.
  • Refund requests made for classes after the semester is over will not be processed.

Self-Paced Class Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Self-Paced classes are different from live and hybrid classes in that all of the resources are posted on the class page and are available to the student very shortly after enrollment.  Due to this, we are only able to offer an 80%  refund if the refund request is made within 24 hours of having access to the class page. This refund policy may not apply to some classes due to their length and/or content.

Note To Customers

By purchasing a title or enrolling in a class on this site, you agree to receive review requests for your purchases or enrollments.  Reviews are critical to helping your fellow customers make informed purchasing decisions and helps our teachers, publishers, and vendors to better understand the services and products they are providing to customers.  For each review you leave on our site, you will receive a coupon good for 5% off your next purchase on Curriculum Crossroads.  It’s our way of thanking you for taking a few minutes out of your day to help other customers and support your favorite teachers, publishers, and vendors.