Secret Valentine Exchange

Secret Valentine Exchange 1

Who loves to get mail?  No, not the incessant email messages that show up in your inbox.  I mean real mail, or “snail mail”, as it’s now called.  Remember being a kid, opening up the mailbox, and finding a piece of mail inside with your name on it?  It almost didn’t matter what was inside the envelope!

These days, it’s rare that anything fun shows up in the mailbox.  It’s even rarer if you’re a kid. Imagine the excitement a kid feels getting something just for them in the mail. In that spirit, we are hosting a Secret Valentine Exchange event!  It’s simple and fun!

Here’s how you can participate:

Step 1:  Prepare your Valentine’s Day Greeting

This is your chance to get creative and create your Valentine’s Day greeting.  This greeting can be friendly, inspiring, encouraging, or appropriately funny. If it can be said at church or at your grandmother’s Christmas dinner table, it’s appropriately funny as long as it doesn’t point the joke at someone specific or groups of people (age, race, beliefs, etc.)  The goal of this event is to build connections, make friends, and have fun!

This greeting can be a store bought Valentine’s Day card (like the ones you may exchange among friends, at church, or at co-op), but it can also be a handmade Valentine’s Day card or craft. (Check out our Valentine’s Day Crafts Pinterest board for ideas!)

Be sure to not sign or place any identifying information on the greeting itself.  It’s secret, remember!

Step 2: Mail your Valentine’s Day message to:

Curriculum Crossroads
c/o Roni Bergerson
PO Box 442
Shakopee, MN  55379

**All greetings must be received by Curriculum Crossroads by February 7th.  This gives us time to get them out to their recipients and gives you time to receive your greetings in return.

When you send in a Valentine’s Day greeting, you will get one back in the mail.  The secret part is that your student won’t know who sent it or who received their greeting.  When your greeting arrives at Curriculum Crossroads, we will remove it from its original envelope, place it into a new envelope, and mail it on to another participant.

Likewise, when a greeting comes to us, we will take it out of the original envelope, place it into a new envelope, and mail it to your student.  Original envelopes will only be used to send your student their Valentine’s Day greeting so be sure to include your return address.

For added fun, students can log onto the Curriculum Crossroads Student Forums* and search for the recipient of their greeting or “spill the beans” on the greeting they received and try to find who sent it. Students can post pictures of the greetings they received and make friends at the same time.

It’s easy to join in!  Just follow the easy steps above to participate in the Secret Valentine Exchange!


*Students must be enrolled in a Curriculum Crossroads class to access the Student Forums.

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