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teach online classes

Welcome to Curriculum Crossroads!  Do you love to create and teach great online classes for eager students?  Are you excited to teach online homeschool classes for students all over the world? We love to bring on board teachers that are enthusiastic about their passions and excited to teach others.  We’re so thrilled that you’re thinking about teaching with us!

What is an online class?

An online class is very similar to a class in a traditional classroom setting.  We offer three formats of classes: live, hybrid, and self-paced.  All three of these class formats are delivered online using the powerful tools now available for today’s teachers and students.

Teaching on Curriculum Crossroads

On this site, you can teach online classes from  your very own classroom.  It’s easy!  We promise! Just set up your classroom, tell us about yourself and your classes, upload the class files, and then set your prices.  We take care of things from there and pay you royalties for each and every sale.

At Curriculum Crossroads, we view our relationship with teachers as a partnership.  Teachers provide quality educational classes for students while Curriculum Crossroads provides the selling platform and marketing for those classes.  We do expect teachers to recognize their own role in the success of their business and do their part to help make it a success.

Step-by-Step Start Up

Here is a brief overview of getting your store set up at Curriculum Crossroads.

Step 1: Create an account for yourself on Curriculum Crossroads.

Step 2:Create your teacher account on Curriculum Crossroads by filling out the form below. You must create your account using a unique email address.  If you’re currently a customer, please use a new or different email address to register your  teacher account. **Once you fill out the Teacher Registration Form, please continue reading to the bottom of the page and fill out the rest of the application at the bottom of the page.**

Publisher Registration Form

Submit the form below to become a publisher on this site.

Important: This is the name that customers see when purchasing your products. Please choose carefully.

Step 3: Read through our teacher account agreement carefully and choose the one that is the best fit for you and your business goals. Fill out the application below to become a teacher. Our Teacher Support team will review your application and contact you within 1-2 business days with your next steps.  Curriculum Crossroads retains the right to deny approval to classroom  names that are offensive or discriminatory in any way.  Please contact our Teacher Support team for more information.

Step 4: Once we receive your application, our Teacher Support team will review it.  You will then be contacted by one of our team members.  They will ask you to send in three class proposals for classes you would like to teach with us.  Once our team has had a team to review your class proposals, you will receive an email regarding the next step in the process.  If your proposals are approved, your classroom account will be approved and your teacher account will be set up. You will, then, receive information on on starting your orientation. All teachers are required to complete a short orientation program in order to familiarize them with the process of listing classes and creating class pages.  After training is complete, Curriculum Crossroads will run a background check on each teacher.  Once that’s complete and all is well, you can go ahead and set up your first class. Note: All classes are subject to review and/or approval by our Teacher Support team.  You will receive notification when your title is approved and live on the site. This generally takes 1-2 business days.  If a title is not approved for sale, you will receive a notification explaining the reason(s) for denial and a list of recommendations to remedy existing issues. Our Teacher Support team retains the final decision on approval or denial of titles.

Teacher Account Agreement

We offer a generous teacher agreement option.  Please read below for a description of the agreement:

Exclusive with Targeted Marketing

This agreement awards you 75% of each sale on this site with no transaction fees.  The “exclusive” part means that you are entitled to sell your titles on Curriculum Crossroads along with your own site (not another distributor), as long as the prices on Curriculum Crossroads are the same or less than the prices on your own site. Teachers with this type of account receive targeted marketing for their titles.  Various selected titles from your teacher account will receive marketing exposure in the form of social media posts, featured product postings on the homepage and inclusion in marketing mailings, such as newsletters. Under this type of account, we guarantee that we will do our part to get the word out about your titles through our marketing channels. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee increased sales or any other benefits as a result of this marketing. Even though this account does receive targeted marketing, there are tools for teachers to market their own products and teachers are encouraged to have outside avenues for marketing their products (websites, blogs, pages on social media platforms, etc.).   This account is great for any teacher teaching online.  Since your classes are offered exclusively on our platform, we market them for you.


Curriculum Crossroads simply provides a platform on which teachers have the opportunity to sell and teach online classes.  We make no guarantees, warranties, or promises, implied or otherwise, about any income or sales resulting from use of this platform.  By applying to become a teacher on Curriculum Crossroads, you agree to the above disclaimer.

Ready to get started?  Please click the link below for your teacher agreement and fill out the form on the bottom. Our Teacher Support team will look it over and get back to you within 1-2 business days with your next steps.