The Great Backyard Bird Count

The Great Backyard Bird Count 1

Even though it may still be winter where you live, The Great Backyard Bird Count is set to happen February 15-19, 2019.  This is free, fun, and easy event that not only brings joy to backyard watchers all over the country, but also helps scientists determine and track bird populations in different parts of the country along with factors that influence birds, such as differing weather patterns or human involvement.

There is absolutely no commitment to participate in this event.  You can play along in your backyard for as little as fifteen minutes one day during the event (and given February weather in some parts of the country, that may be all the time you can be outside), fifteen minutes for each day of the event, or more!

The Great Backyard Bird Count 2The Great Backyard Bird Count 3


Once you have observed your yard, nearby park, or local nature preserve, you can enter your data and observations into the Great Backyard Bird Count website.  Your data, along with other people’s data will help scientists to better understand bird behavior.The Great Backyard Bird Count 4

When you visit the Great Backyard Bird Count website, you will also find lots of cool resources for you to use:

The Great Backyard Bird Count 5 The Great Backyard Bird Count 6

Join in with thousands of people around the world and help your local birds and the global bird population.  Too many times, humans go about their business with very little awareness of what the animals around us are doing.  This is a great chance to slow down, look, listen, and be aware of nature’s activity around us.  Increasing our own awareness of nature and teaching our children to appreciate nature is so critical to helping our animal friends survive and thrive.

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