How to Withdraw from a Class (Refund Policy)

We offer our customers a flexible and generous withdrawal/refund policy.  Please understand, an enrollment in a class does constitute an agreement with a teacher who relies on royalties from their classes to support their family.  When a teacher sees enrollments at a certain level only to see them change dramatically due to several withdrawls, this can dramatically impact their ability to continue teaching in a variable and unpredictable market. This, in turn, can reduce the quality and variety of classes available to homeschoolers all over the world.  Therefore, we ask that once an enrollment in a class is purchased, every effort be made to honor that commitment to the teacher.

We understand that there are a variety of reasons why a class may not be a fit for a particular student and  we strive to make each customer feel listened to and satisfied so we are willing to consider refunds on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact our Customer Support team at to inquire about the withdrawal process.  The Customer Support team does retains the authority to make the final decision on all withdrawal and refund requests. If the class included downloadable materials, you must return them and agree to delete them from your device. If approved, your refund will be processed within five business days.

Live Class Withdrawal/Refund Policy
(Applies only to classes of more than 4 sessions.)

  • Withdrawal before 2nd session: Full refund of class fee
  • Withdrawal after 2nd session, but before 3rd session: Refund of 2/3rds class fee
  • Withdrawal after 3rd session, but before 4th session: Refund of 1/3rd class fee
  • Withdrawal after 4th session: No refund

Hybrid Class Withdrawal/Refund Policy

All hybrid classes will be fully refunded if the withdrawal request is submitted before the kick-off session.  If the withdrawal request is made within 24 hours of the kick-off session, the class will be refunded at 75%.  If the withdrawal request is made more than 24 hours after kick-off session, no refund is available for that class.

Orders more than 90 days old will be refunded either directly to customer’s PayPal account or by a
Curriculum Crossroads account credit.

Self-Paced Class Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Self-Paced classes are different from live and hybrid classes in that all of the resources are posted on the class page and are available to the student very shortly after enrollment.  Due to this, we are only able to offer an 80%  refund if the refund request is made within 24 hours of having access to the class page.